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Matthew Mars

Matthew Mars

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Contact Information

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship


Dr. Mars’s current research is focused on  the position of universities and university actors in broader systems of innovation. Through this work, Matt argues universities as institutions and a broader organizational field offer valuable insight into the mechanics and processes of contemporary systems of innovation, as well as the managerial networks and various forms of capital that support and sustain such systems.

His work is oriented by organizational theory (especially neo-institutional theory), social movement theory, and academic capitalism (including resource dependency theory). Methodologically, he relies on ethnographic strategies, text and discourse analysis, and most recently social network analysis.

Matt’s research has been published in journals that include The Journal of Higher Education, Higher Education, Journal of Management Inquiry, and Journal of Change Management.

Research and Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Mars, M.M., & Lounsbury, M. (in press) Raging against or with the private marketplace? Logic hybridity and eco-entrepreneurship. Journal of Management Inquiry.

Hart, J. & Mars, M.M. (in press). Science educators: Two houses, but no home?” Innovative Higher Education, 34 (1).

Mars, M.M., & Garrison, S. (in press). Socially-oriented ventures and traditional entrepreneurship education models: A case review. Journal of Education for Business.

Mars, M.M,. Slaughter, S., & Rhoades, G. (2008). The state-sponsored student entrepreneur. The Journal of Higher Education, 79 (6), 638-670.

Mars, M.M. (2007). The diverse agendas of faculty within an institutionalized model of entrepreneurship education. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 10, 43-62.

Mars, M.M., & Ginter, M.B. (2007). Connecting organizational environments with the instructional technology practices of community college faculty. Community College Review, 34 (4), 324-343.

Book Chapters and Monographs

Mars, M.M., Bercovitz, J., & James, B.E. (in press).“Toward Measuring the Social Value of University Innovations: A Review of the Literature. Gary D. Libecap (Ed.). Volume 19 Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Growth. London: JAI/Elsevier Press.

Mars, M.M., & Hoskinson, S. (in press). Intersecting entrepreneurship and law: An experiential
learning exchange. In Elizabeth J. Gatewood, Kelly G. Shaver, & Page G. West (Eds.). Handbook of University-Wide Entrepreneurship Education. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.

Mars, M.M., & Metcalfe, A.S. (2009). The entrepreneurial domains of US higher education. ASHE –Higher Education Report Series, 34 (5). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Work in Review/Progress

Mars, M.M. (under final revision). Student entrepreneurship and social change: A grassroots leadership perspective. Journal of Organizational Change Management. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Mars, M.M. (under final revision). Exploring the privatized dimension of entrepreneurship education and its link to the emergence of the college student entrepreneur. In Jennifer A. Sandlin and Peter McLaren (Eds.). Living and Learning in the Shadow of the “Shopocalypse”: Towards a Critical Pedagogy of Consumption. Routledge: New York.

Mars, M.M., & Rhoades, G. (in progress). The socially-oriented student entrepreneur.
Rios-Aguilar, C. & Mars, M.M. (in progress). Entrepreneurship: Theoretical rigor or practical convenience.