McGuire Entrepreneurship Program

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When you build a new venture from the ground up with the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, you learn how to build the future you imagine. 

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The McGuire Program is an exciting, challenging, and engaging yearlong academic experience open to University of Arizona undergraduate and graduate students from all fields of study. Learn the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation through the hands-on process of taking an innovation from an early-stage idea to a viable venture. Our pioneering curriculum, hands-on mentoring, and unique collaborations will empower you to develop a new way to thinking, a new way of learning, and a new model for action. By the time you complete the McGuire Program, you'll be armed with the skills necessary to apply principles of entrepreneurship and innovation in any field.

The McGuire Entrepreneurship Program: We don't build businesses; we build entrepreneurs. 

Students in the McGuire Program:

  • Build a new venture from the ground up in one year
  • Team up with students from other fields of study ( Open to all UA students! )
  • Work closely with experienced entrepreneurship mentors, legal advisors, industry experts & investors
  • Participate in new venture competitions

Alumni of the McGuire Program are ready to:

  • Launch new ventures
  • Take leadership roles at startups
  • Do corporate entrepreneurship
  • Work at venture capital firms
  • Get competitive offers from top employers

Named the "crown jewel" of the University of Arizona by USA Today/The Princeton Review, the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program is a globally recognized program. Not only are we one of the first university-based entrepreneurship education programs, we are also one of the few to consistently maintain top tier rankings

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To learn more about the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, visit the McGuire Program website at

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