ENTR 496 Special Topic- Tech Ventures

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This course will teach the entrepreneurship skills necessary to launch a new venture based on a technology invention.  Enrollment is open to engineering and other sciences students who have already produced a prototype that they are willing to contribute to their team in this course,  junior/senior business students, and engineering and other sciences students that want to be part of a team with a prototype.  The course will touch on the traditional topics of an entrepreneurship course with primary focus on market validation; marketing and sales; financial management; funding; and planning/executing operations for the specific technology being commercialized.   The intent is to balance enrollment between engineering/science students and business students, ensuring that each team starts with a design to commercialize and a full set of basic business skills.  If interested and capable, business students may contribute the design and lead that work; engineering/science students will be assigned business tasks and may opt for leadership of that work.