McGuire Entrepreneurship Program (McGuire Program / about)

Named the "crown jewel" of the University of Arizona by USA Today/The Princeton Review, the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program is a globally recognized program open to UA undergraduate and graduate students from any field of study.

Not only are we one of the first university-based entrepreneurship education programs, we are also one of the few to consistently maintain top tier rankings. Learn more: About Us.

At the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, we believe in learning by doing. Students in our program receive a year of intensive experiential education that engages them in the process of moving innovation from an early-stage idea to a sustainable investor-ready venture. We don’t read about corporate case studies; with every McGuire Program assignment, students work to advance their own new venture projects. The program culminates in students developing and pitching a viable, comprehensive plan for a new business venture, complete with market analysis, detailed financials and a rollout plan.

While creating a venture is an incredible way to learn about entrepreneurship and innovation, the McGuire Program isn’t focused on launching ventures. It’s about developing a new way of thinking, a new way of learning and a new model for action. Thanks to our pioneering curriculum, hands-on mentoring and unique collaborations, by the time students complete the Program, they are armed with the skills necessary to apply principles of entrepreneurship and innovation in any field. Learn more: Curriculum.

The McGuire Program is centered on team-based collaboration with individuals of different expertise, backgrounds and goals. To promote this rich learning environment, we actively recruit bright, driven undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines who share a passion for new ideas and solving problems. Students across the University of Arizona are invited to apply for the Program each winter, and the next year’s class is selected through a competitive evaluation process. Learn more: Apply.

McGuire Program students have the unusual benefit of working closely with successful, experienced Entrepreneurship Mentors-in-Residence. In addition to teaching the capstone courses, our mentors meet individually with every team each week throughout the year to ensure they receive personalized, tailored coaching. Professional Communication Mentors and a Research Mentor also assist students as they form teams, develop new venture ideas, conduct market and financial research and polish their business plan pitches. Learn more: Mentors.

Additionally, our students greatly benefit from twice annual Desert Angels Mentoring Workshops. At each workshop, approximately 10 angel investors listen to pitches from venture teams and provide critical feedback to help students refine and expand their business ideas. Learn more: Desert Angels Mentoring Workshops.

McGuire Program students also make use of the unique Business/Law Exchange Program. Each McGuire Program team is partnered with third-year students from the James E. Rogers College of Law. In a mock law firm setting, the law students offer valuable counsel by identifying and assisting teams with potential legal issues with their new ventures. Learn more: Business/Law Exchange.

In addition to creating a business plan for a viable new venture, our teams create engaging pitches and interactive tradeshow booths, which they present at the UA’s Innovation Day, the Arizona Collegiate Venture Competition and the McGuire New Venture Competition and Showcase. Learn more: Events. Additionally, select teams also participate in national business plan competitions.

Whether students are passionate about founding startups, advancing innovation from within existing businesses, commercializing research or developing nonprofits, the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program provides the training and experience they need to successfully apply innovative ideas and solutions in any setting.