Student Spotlight: Shuree Enkhbold, Piano Performance & Entrepreneurship '18

Student Spotlight: Shuree Enkhbold, Piano Performance & Entrepreneurship '18
April 23, 2018

5 Questions with Shuree Enkhbold, Piano Performance & Entrepreneurship '18

2018 New Venture Competition

On April 27, 22 McGuire New Venture Development Program student startup teams will present their innovative new ventures at the 2018 New Venture Competition, a rapid-fire rocket pitch competition and trade show. More than $40,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to winning teams. The event is free and open to the public. Please plan to join us for this exciting event at the Leo Rich Theater, 260 S. Church Ave., in Downtown Tucson. For more information, visit the New Venture Competition

A. My parents owned several different businesses such as a café and restaurant, construction & real estate, and sports & recreation. My dad implemented his own innovative ideas to these companies we owned as a family. He would make things new from the original concepts. I enjoyed helping my parents' businesses as a young girl. I started to see things as possibilities to improve and create new things as result. I would say I learned entrepreneurial mindset within my family.

Q. Why were you interested in the McGuire New Venture Development Program?

A. I think entrepreneurship education is an essential part of being a successful artist. I will use my entrepreneurship education for my performing career and my own companies in the future. As a performing artist, I am a brand, product, and service. I want to get to the point that my performance projects solve problems in society. I also have several ideas for businesses, such as music education and fashion, where I can use my education from McGuire to make that reality. I would also be able to share my entrepreneurship knowledge with performing arts students and show how it benefits their careers.

Q. How does entrepreneurship compliment the rest of your studies? 

A. It's teaching me to learn above and beyond the doctoral piano performance curriculum. I am learning from faculty and guest speakers that It takes entrepreneurship to succeed in the music field.

Q. What is your dream career? 

A. My dream career is something I will make up on my own. I want to create a product within the fields of music and fashion that helps people in their lives.

Q. What activities are you involved in outside of class? (Clubs, events, co-curricular activities, leadership positions, jobs, internships, etc.)

A. As part of my doctoral study, I teach MUS 110A and 110B class piano courses for undergraduate students studying different instruments.

For more information, visit the McGuire New Venture Development Program