Entrepreneurship for Owner-Operated Businesses Open to All UA Students

Entrepreneurship for  Owner-Operated Businesses with Lecturer Mark Peterson
October 25, 2016

About the Class

What: ENTR 360 Entrepreneurship for Owner-Operated Businesses

Units: 3

Who: Open to all UA students

Prerequisites: None

Think that all entrepreneurship courses involve a business plan and idea pitch competition? Think again.

ENTR 360 Entrepreneurship for Owner-Operated Businesses is a fast-paced introductory course that sets aside theories and text books to focus on the real-world factors that can turn a mere idea into a big success. Taught by entrepreneur Mark Peterson, who has two successful startups under his belt, this course utilizes articles and case studies to explore topics such as the importance of innovating from day one, how to hire the best people, and making customers love your product or service. 

"This course is suitable not only for individuals thinking about starting a business but also those who recognize the corporate workplace increasingly demands hires who can walk the talk and deliver innovative solutions," Peterson said.

ENTR 360, a three-unit course open to all UA students, is an introduction to entrepreneurial principles. Participants will learn how to expand and grow a business with an emphasis on learning practical skills such as effective leadership, negotiation and managing conflict with confidence. Effective recruitment practices and how to make your business indispensable to your customers are among key real-world skills taught. At the end of the course, student groups will compete to sell a similar assigned product in the marketplace and reflect on their experience.

Learn what it's like to run your own business and gain confidence in your ability to take on new challenges. Register for ENTR 360 Entrepreneurship for Owner-Operated Businesses.