From the Director's Desk // January News

Joseph P. Broschak, Ph.D., McGuire Center Executive Director
January 31, 2017
Joseph P. Broschak

Where has the time gone? The past two-and-a-half years as Executive Director of the McGuire Center passed in what seems like the blink of an eye. But what a great journey it has been and in this my final message to all of you I wanted to reflect on what we’ve accomplished together and what lies ahead for the McGuire Center.

When I joined the McGuire Center in 2014 I was gifted with a strong nucleus of a perennially top-ranked McGuire Entrepreneurship Program and the recently-introduced Entrepreneurship and Innovation senior capstone; just three sections of the capstone for Eller College seniors were offered the semester before I arrived. I have my predecessors to thank, most notably the recently-retired Bob Lusch, for building such a strong Center.

When I arrived I thought I’d simply be maintaining the course for a year. But life is what happens after you make your plans, and here we are two-and-a-half years later looking back at just how much we have accomplished and created together. We’ve been navigated through the leadership of three Eller College deans, expanded recruitment for the McGuire Program so that we actively attract students both from within the Eller College and across the UA campus, and grown the senior capstone enough to offer 18 sections of the course to Eller seniors each year. We’ve created enough elective courses to be able to offer an entrepreneurship concentration in the online MBA program, and we’ve developed undergraduate electives with the goal of establishing a campus-wide minor and certificate program in entrepreneurship.

We’ve built strong, collaborative relationships with Tech Launch Arizona, InnovateUA, and the Arizona Center for Innovation. We’ve built bridges to other colleges on campus such as the College of Engineering to help bring entrepreneurship education to more of their students, and we watched, waited, and worked virtually while vacating the previous McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship facility and moving into our new Center workspace next to the Eller College’s Professional Development Center. We’ve built stronger relationships and communication tools with our alumni and supporters, and of course we’ve dramatically reshaped the McGuire Center’s faculty, mentors, and staff. Of the 15 people who now work in the McGuire Center, 11 of us have been here less than 3 years. It has been an amazing time of growth and change, and through it all we’ve maintained our ranking as one of the top entrepreneurship programs in the U.S. Expect to see new programs grow out of the McGuire Center as well as McGuire Center faculty and staff giving talks and holding workshops in the Tucson entrepreneurial community and across the UA campus for years to come.

It has been a joy to be part of the McGuire Center these past few years and to play a role in shaping the direction we’re headed. With Remy Arteaga assuming his role as McGuire Center Director I have relinquished my role as Executive Director. For the rest of the spring semester I’ll be helping with the Center’s leadership transition and directing the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program before returning full time to my position as a faculty member in the Management and Organizations department. I am convinced that Remy, who has abundant experience with entrepreneurship centers, is the right person to lead the McGuire Center forward, and I hope that everyone continues to support Remy and the McGuire Center as strongly as they have these past few years. 

Being a part of the McGuire Center has transformed me as an educator and as a person, and there is a lot I’ll miss about being Executive Director; working alongside the amazing McGuire Center faculty and staff who I could never thank enough for everything they’ve done, working with and mentoring the many entrepreneurship students who have come through the Center, and getting to know you, the alumni and supporters of the McGuire Center, many of whom I now can call friends. My lasting memory of representing the McGuire Center is giving talks to university alumni groups, the Eller College Board of Advisors, Tucson business community groups and hearing over and over about how going through the McGuire Center had a lifelong impact on individuals or on their children. The work we do in the McGuire Center is important to people and to Southern Arizona. I hope you continue to support McGuire Center activities through your financial generosity, and through your attendance at our events, such as the McGuire Innovation Expo on the UA Mall on Feb. 23 and the New Venture Competition in Berger Auditorium on April 28. I hope to see you there to say thank you for all that we’ve created and done together.

Thanks for everything. Bear Down, Suit Up! 

Joseph P. Broschak, Ph.D.
Director, McGuire Entrepreneurship Program