South Sudan Entrepreneurship K-12 Education Project

The McGuire Center is helping spread ethical, entrepreneurial and innovation principles in South Sudan.

Thanks to the support of a generous donor, the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship has sponsored and developed an educational opportunity for 16 K-12 teachers from South Sudan and Rwanda who are attending a semester-long academic program at Arizona State University to learn about educational technologies. The teachers are meeting on several weekends a month over the next few months in a class called Ethics, Economy, & Entrepreneurship, which is being co-taught by McGuire Center Executive Director Robert Lusch and Center for the Philosophy of Freedom Director David Schmidtz along with economist Cathleen Johnson and Tauhid Rahman (Agricultural and Resource Economics).

As the course name implies, the class covers the ethical nature of entrepreneurship, how vibrant economies are dependent on entrepreneurship and innovation, how entrepreneurs think and act, how they start and sustain a business, and how they learn to acknowledge and correct flaws in their business model. The objective is for participants to return to their own schools with a teaching and learning product that they are confident will be useful to their own students.

An exciting aspect of this course is that it involves collaboration across faculty from three colleges at the University of Arizona and across universities with ASU's Fulton College of Education. This collaborative effort between the nationally ranked Entrepreneurship and Philosophy of Freedom centers at the UA is one way in which these two centers are working together to educate K-12 teachers in Arizona and beyond. A similar program for Arizona K-12 teachers is being launched during summer 2015.