Carlos J. Alsua

Senior Lecturer, International Management and Global Entrepreneurship
Academic Director


Ph.D. Business Administration (Management), W.P Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
MBA, W.P Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

Current Research


ENTR 485 Innovating: Creating the future

Teaching Interests

International Organizational Behavior
Global Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship and Development
Change and Innovation, Strategy
Global Management/HR, Leadership and Performance
Environment of Business (Ethics)/Business and Society


Dr. Alsua's global expertise has brought him to work with a number of public and private organizations on over four continents. His interests include global entrepreneurship and innovation, cross-cultural management and leadership, global ethics, positive psychology, motivation in an international context, and the implementation of managerial practices and entrepreneurship in developing economies. Dr. Alsua has held previous faculty positions at the University of Alaska, Anchorage; Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez Business School, Chile; as well as numerous visiting positions in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Russia. His research appears in academic and practitioner journals, and in numerous national and international conferences.

Areas of Expertise

  • Global entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Cross cultural management
  • Global leadership
  • Global ethics
  • Positive psychology
  • Motivation in an international context
  • Implementation of managerial practices in developing economies

Publications and Working Papers

Latest publications

Úbeda-Sales, R, Alsua, C.J., Carrasco, N. (in Press) The purchasing model and organizational performance: A study of key strategic tools. Journal of Business Research (ISI).

Elenurm, T., Alas, R., Rozell, E., Scroggin, W., Alsua, C. (in Press) Cultural prototypes of the successful entrepreneur: Comparison of Estonia and the United States. Journal of Baltic Studies (ISI).

Alsua, C. J., Alas, R. Carneiro, J. (2012) Moral philosophies and ethics across borders: A study of Brazil, Chile, China, Estonia and the USA. Academia Revista Lationoamericana de Administración, 49, 30-44 (ISI).

Under review/revise and resubmit

Venegas, J. Alsua, C. and Palacios, J. (2014) Social value orientation and goal orientation as antecedents of performance in innovation teams. Under review at Journal of Business Research (ISI).

Úbeda-Sales, R, Alsua, C.J., (2014) The relationship between the level of maturity along the strategic purchasing model and performance: An empirical study of Chilean firms. Revise and resubmit at Universia (ISI).

Alsua, C.J., Úbeda-Sales, R. (2014) The process of empowerment: Extrinsic and intrinsic empowerment in North American management and its meaning for Latin American managers. Under review at Innovar (ISI).