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Social Innovation students

The McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship is committed to social impact. 

Our Social Innovation programs work with local innovators and nonprofits to design strategies to address complex social problems, and provide Eller undergraduate students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skill sets in real-world environments. 

For Eller Students  

Social Innovation Certificate

The Social Innovation Certificate provides Eller undergraduate students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skill sets in real-world environments. Through experiential learning with nonprofit organizations and local small businesses, students engage with the local community, connect theory to practice, and enhance their employability. 

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For Community Members 

Nonprofit Leadership Certificate

The Nonprofit Leadership Certificate equips nonprofit leaders with the business skills necessary to meet today's challenges and lead organizations through an uncertain and changing context.


Nonprofit Professional Development Workshops

The Nonprofit Professional Development Workshops will provide participants with innovative tools to approach the business of nonprofits.




Social Innovation, together with local innovators, designs strategies to address complex social problems.

The Eller College of Management is uniquely positioned to bring together students, faculty, staff, businesses, nonprofits, and community leaders to help prepare our students to become the leaders of tomorrow while making a positive and sustainable impact on our community today. 

The goals of the Social Innovation programs are to:

  • Foster civic and social responsibility in young adults
  • Promote active engagement in the community
  • Act as a conduit to facilitate this involvement
  • Provide the resources and tools to the Southern Arizona community so that its civic and social organizations may be more effective

In a city with the sixth highest poverty rate in the nation, and all of the concomitant problems, we — along with other local leaders and experts — are uniquely equipped with the business skills and knowledge required to help solve complex social and economic problems and to develop and retain better future leaders.


Social Innovation will help make Tucson a better and more sustainable place to live for all.

Through the creation of a minor and a certificate in Social Innovation, students will use business skills to help local social innovation organizations build capacity and sustainability. Social Innovation will also offer opportunities for Eller faculty to offer expert consulting, instruction, and scholarship. 

In these ways, Eller will become a more active, branded, and sustainable partner in achieving positive social impact in Southern Arizona, helping to make our community better and helping our students become more effective future leaders.

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