Speaker Grant Application Form

Prior to submitting the form please prepare the following:

  • Description of the speaker and topic, including:

    • Why this speaker and topic are likely to attract a large and interdisciplinary audience
    • How the topic relates to entrepreneurship, innovation, venture capital, social responsibility, corporate governance, ethics, or privacy
  • Planned speaking format and approximate date (or semester)

  • Describe how the speaker will additionally interact with students and/or the local community

  • Budget: Specifically the funding you are requesting, the total expected cost of hosting this speaker, as well as any additional funding from other sources

    • Please note that the grant will cover any expense related to the speaker up to $6,000. Sponsoring group or unit should expect to pay costs exceeding the maximum grant allowance, though exceptions may be requested. Travel, transportation and lodging arrangements will be made directly between the speaker and the McGuire Center.
Contact Information
Full Name
Department, Club, Organization
10-Digit Number
Speaker Information
Ex. Wilbur Wildcat
Ex. Mascot, University of Arizona
Describe how the speaker will interact with students and/or the local community