Academic Events

The McGuire New Venture Development Program provides many hands-on opportunities for student ventures to actively engage with the start-up community.

Each event is an occasion for students to meet potential stakeholders, refine their venture concept and become more fluent in communicating about their venture.

Business Plan Competitions

Ryan Leeper (left) and Kory Chinn present their pitch for Nunami Labs during the ASU Innovation Open semifinals. Photo by Pete Zrioka/Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Ryan Leeper (left) and Kory Chinn present their pitch for Nunami Labs during the ASU Innovation Open semifinals. Photo by Pete Zrioka/Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

McGuire Program new venture teams can decide to compete internally to be selected to participate in a number of regional and national business plan competitions. The competitions selected change each year, but recently we have sent students to: 

  • Rice Business Plan Competition
  • California Dreamin’ Business Plan Competition at Chapman University
  • Ventures and Values Business Plan Competition at the Neeley School of Business
  • University of Oregon New Venture Championship
  • ASU Innovation Open
  • Giants Entrepreneurship Challenge at the University of North Dakota
  • Carnegie Mellon University Venture Challenge

McGuire Innovation Expo

McGuire Innovation Expo is the McGuire Program’s annual trade show where student teams present their innovative new ventures to the public for the very first time. This trade show allows our students to gain experience taking about and presenting their new ventures to a variety of stakeholders, including potential customers, partners, investors and employees, and is a chance to network with the local start-up community. Student teams debut their prototypes, launch beta apps and pilot test their services at this interactive event. 

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McGuire New Venture Competition and Showcase

The McGuire New Venture Competition and Showcase is the signature event of the McGuire New Venture Development Program. After a year spent creating investment-ready business ventures, McGuire teams present their ventures to hundreds of spectators including UA faculty, investors, and the media. The event includes a trade show and a rapid-fire rocket pitch competition for more than $40,000 in prize money and in-kind contributions. 

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