Scholarships & Grants

Students in the McGuire New Venture Development Program are eligible for multiple scholarships and may apply for Experiential Learning Grants to advance their new venture. 


Scholarship recipient honored at McGuire NVC McGuire New Venture Development Program students are eligible for multiple scholarships. While the $5,000 Thomas R. Brown Distinguished Scholarships is open only to STEM students, all other scholarships are open to all students. Incoming students will receive information in the Spring about applying for a scholarship. Scholarship winners are honored at the McGuire New Venture Competition. 

  • H.N. & Frances C. Berger Foundation Scholarship
  • Thomas R. Brown Distinguished Scholarships 
  • Stevie Eller Enterprise Creation Scholarship
  • William B. and Barbara D. McKinstry Memorial Foundation Scholarship
  • Frederick J. Cox Scholarship in Entrepreneurship
  • Jeffrey Owen Underwood Scholarship
  • Ralph A. DeCeserae Family Endowed Scholarship in Entrepreneurship

Experiential Learning Grants

John Jackson Sr. with a grafted plant from Grafted Growers

"Hearst funds allowed our team to work though the validation stage of our venture on multiple fronts. We would not be ready to launch today without the help of the Hearst Funds awarded to our team" -- John Jackson, Grafted Growers, 2013

McGuire New Venture Development Program students can further their hands-on learning with Hearst Experiential Learning Grants, funded by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. Each year, McGuire NVD Program teams are awarded approximately $10,000 in grant money on a competitive basis to assist with venture validation and development.

Hearst grants enable McGuire NVD teams to conduct specialized market research using private databases and reports, develop advanced websites and software, have essential prototypes, renderings, illustrations or CG videos created, or cover patent filing fees. Funds have also been used to allow students to travel to and attend national trade shows and conferences. 

Hearst grants are crucial in enabling teams’ ventures to advance toward investment and/or launch. In 2013, six of the 10 teams that received Hearst funding launched their new ventures immediately after graduating. 

Examples of Past Hearst Experiential Learning Grant Awards


  • Develop a prototype of a fingerprint recognition lock (EZ|KE)
  • Build wearable virtual reality camera glasses (Vidi VR)
  • Purchase a drone for API development and testing (Jupitar)


  • Aquaponics prototype (Crate Crops) 
  • In-shower water monitoring system prototype (H2Kn0w)
  • Microbial fuel cell prototype (Infinurja)
  • Healthcare app development (Medical Mentor)
  • Purchased on-body cameras for research (TruView) 


  • Software development (PitchVantage)
  • Vision optimization prototype (Easy Eye)
  • Purchased vehicle on-board devices for research (Halo) 


  • Efficient, high-volume indoor plant growing module prototype (Grafted Growers)
  • Customized racing swimsuit prototype (Fittid Sport)
  • Computer-generated imagery video (Vive Innovations)
  • Website development (Crowd Audio)


  • Backpack prototype (Onward Packs)
  • Software development (MistoBox)


  • Electric bicycle prototype (Velocis) 
  • Software development (Tuch tablets)